Daily Archives: August 25, 2020

A Sorely Needed Shot of Optimism

Kevin Drum again:

America is truly not the cesspool that Donald Trump makes it look like. It’s fundamentally a decent country with an appalling racial history—but a racial history that we’ve been slowly overcoming for decades. Trump represents the worst of that history, not the future of our country. The arc of American culture may be slow, but it does bend toward racial justice. Donald Trump is only a few weeks from discovering that.

God, I hope he’s right. I want to believe this, just as I want to believe in the Star Trek vision of humanity that I grew up on, i.e., that we’re still half-savage but we can do better and, more importantly, we will. But it’s so damn hard to cling to that vision when every damn day brings a new outrage, a new desecration, a new demonstration of just how absolutely shitty people can be for no other reason than because they like pissing other folks off. “Owning the libs.” Being assholes just for the sake of being assholes. It’s exhausting. And I can’t wait until it’s over.

Sixty-nine days until the election…