30-Day Song Challenge

So, I’ve been seeing this chart or whatever you want to call it floating around social media and what remains of the blogosphere for a couple years: the 30-Day Song Challenge. It certainly sounds like the sort of silliness we used to thrive on back in the heyday of blogging, and I’ve thought about doing it more than once but obviously I’ve never gotten around to it. It is, after all, a big commitment to do 30 blog entries across 30 days, consecutive or otherwise, and life these days is so very full of distractions. (Supporting evidence: I believe Jaquandor started this challenge but I don’t think he finished, and he’s the only one from my old blogging circle who still posts with any regularity at all.)

The infamous Scalzi recently found a way around the commitment issue by just dropping all 30 songs into a single massive post with minimal commentary, just a long string of video clips. I don’t think that’s the right path for me — I like to blather too much, and really who wants to scroll for an hour (says a guy who did, in fact, scroll through Scalzi’s entire post)? However, his example started me thinking about the Challenge again, and considering that about the only thing I ever manage to post these days is the occasional Friday Evening Video, I think maybe it’s time I give this a try. It’s functionally no different than the video posts I’m already doing, and if I can stick with it through all 30 days, it will generate more content than this blog has seen in a year. I’d really like to feel like my personal blogspace is a living, breathing thing again, if only for a few weeks.

And so, without further ado, I present… the Simple Tricks and Nonsense 30-Day Song Challenge!