Daily Archives: February 28, 2016

I Used to Have a Blog

Remember that?

Remember how I used to post frequently, if not regularly? How I wrote long posts about topical subjects, and sometimes I even managed to move people with my more heartfelt pieces? I felt proud of this blog then, like I was really accomplishing something. Maybe I wasn’t writing the Great American Novel, but it was something.

Good times.

Nowadays, I start a lot of posts. Sometimes they’re even topical, at least when I begin them. But I never seem able to finish them the day I begin them, and the pages of the calendar flutter on by, one after the other like they do in those old movie montages, and pretty soon a week has passed, and sometimes two or three, and what’s the point then, I wonder, because that subject is now as dead and buried as old Marley at the beginning of A Christmas Carol, and I’m left to wonder what the hell happened as I watch the remains of whatever this website used to be crumble in my hands like ancient paper and blow away in the breeze, and I wonder if I can ever get it back… or if it even matters…