Seriously, I HATE the 21st Century

I recently read someplace that you can supposedly tell what a new century will ultimately be about by the time you reach the fifteenth year of that century. In other words, the issues and overarching trends that will define the century are, according to this theory, already shaping up in that first decade and a half. If that’s true… if the past fifteen years are any sort of guide to the 21st century as a whole…

Is it any wonder I’ve practically made nostalgia into my own personal religion?

I’m going to go home and watch The Rockford Files now.


2 comments on “Seriously, I HATE the 21st Century

  1. Geoff

    And I say unto you, my flock; Kneel-a! Kneel-a and give praise at the Altar of Retro! The second coming of the revered Thomas Magnum, the patron saint of the ‘stache is nigh! 😀

  2. jason

    As it is on Me-TV, so it shall be on the earth…