Daily Archives: December 21, 2014

Awesome Photo on a Sunday Morning

It’s been a quiet weekend around the Bennion Compound. The Girlfriend and I are both fighting head colds, which we think we and our friends Geoff and Anastasia must’ve all picked up at the Billy Idol concert last Monday, since we all got sick at the same time and that’s the only place all four of us have been together recently. (We’ve been calling it the Bimbo Flu, in honor of the skanky creatures with the personal-space issues who were breathing down our necks during the show.) The rain is coming down outside and we’re passing the time the same way we have been for two days: sitting on the couch watching DVDs, and passing the Kleenex box back and forth.

But hey, that’s not very interesting, so how about I repost an awesome photo of a space-shuttle launch instead?

space-shuttle-endeavour_launchHat tip to Jaquandor, who found this on a Twitter feed called Space Snaps. And now back to the regularly scheduled sniffling, already in progress…