Friday Evening Videos: “Summer of ’69”

My Loyal Readers know it doesn’t take much to get me feeling nostalgic, but I’ve been especially prone to that particular mood lately for reasons I don’t have time to go into right now. So for this week’s video selection, I thought I’d pull out a song that, perhaps more than any other I know, evokes what it’s like to be me when the memories come calling.

I don’t have any particular anecdotes related to this one, or really much to say about it at all, other than I liked it when it first charted way back in 1985 — I thought the guitar riff was cool — and as I’ve gotten older, the lyrics have only resonated more and more with every passing year. The video is a bit on the silly side… but then Bryan Adams never seemed terribly comfortable with the video thing anyhow. I dig his leather vest, at least.

Ladies and gentlemen, from the excellent album Reckless (which didn’t have a single lame track on it and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year!), I give you “Summer of ’69”:

Have a great weekend, everyone…