Surely… the Best of Times

Coming hot on the heels of his co-star and partner-in-nerdy-fame William Shatner’s eighty-second birthday, Leonard Nimoy hits 82 himself today. To celebrate, here’s a photo of him with a little kitty:


In the Shatner entry the other day, I said something about the influence he and Nimoy have exerted on me over the years. Here’s another example for you: some of the technical material I’ve been proofreading at work lately uses the word “sensor” fairly liberally. Every time I see that word in the copy, I don’t hear it in my mind the way most people say it, i.e., “sens-er.” Instead, I hear it in Nimoy’s voice, with his somewhat idiosyncratic way of saying the word in countless episodes of Star Trek, “sens-orrrrr.” I find that amusing. So happy birthday, Leonard… thanks for the pronunciation!