For Sale: Vintage Spaceplane, Slightly Used

This past Sunday, December 11, a ceremony was held in New York City in which representatives from NASA officially transferred the title of ownership for the space shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. While the thought of suit-and-tie-wearing administrator-types delivering speeches and signing documents is not particularly inspiring, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read that a spaceship of all things has a title, like any other jalopy that backyard mechanics might trade amongst themselves. I immediately remembered all the old cars my father has bought and sold over the years, and one thing in my brain led to another, and… well…here’s something silly that I just dashed off:

FOR SALE: 1976 space shuttle orbiter, rare prototype model, very low mileage (only driven on local errands to the troposphere and back). U.S.-built. All-original interior with factory air and working 8-track. Paint is good (kept in garage for past 26 years). Tires were new when it was parked. Engines need work. Would make a great conversation piece! Best offer. Call 555-5555, ask for Buzz.

Yeah, sometimes I worry about my brain…