Bonus Video: “Je Suis Rick Springfield”

The previous video reminded me of something a couple friends turned me onto a while back, which I’ve been meaning to post but just haven’t gotten around to. It’s another live performance, this time by a musician named Johnathan Coulton. I’m not at all familiar with him — I gather he’s an indie artist with a pretty sizable cult following — but the song is catchy and seems to have benign intentions, i.e., Coulton doesn’t sound like he’s being cruel toward my main man despite the (apparently) humorous nature of the lyrics. It’s hard to tell for sure since it’s sung in French and I don’t know French, but… well, I’ll let Johnathan himself explain what it’s about:

One thing I particularly appreciate about this (and which I assume is deliberate) is how much it sounds like… a Rick Springfield song! No, really, the guitar tone here is very similar to Rick’s own audio signature, the same sound you hear on “Jessie’s Girl,” among many others. I like that sound, obviously, and I liked it so much in this song that I was fully prepared to purchase one of those new-fangled download thingies until I learned the album recording is somewhat different. Maybe Coulton will release another version with that deep, early-80s thrum that I love so much. In the meantime, enjoy this one as we roll on past midnight, chasing after the early morning hours…