Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

Because I Tend to Obsess over Things

Here’s another look at what’s happening with Discovery‘s replica engine nozzles. (I guess it’s not really correct to keep calling them replicas, considering they’re authentic spaceflown hardware, but NASA’s own Kennedy Space Center Twitter feed  — from whence I snagged this photo, incidentally — refers to them as replica shuttle main engines, or RSMEs, so there you go, straight from the astronaut’s mouth. Or something.)

Anyhow, I thought I’d share this shot because (a) it shows all three nozzles now back in place, and (b) it’s a little easier to discern what you’re looking at than in the one I posted yesterday. And also because I just like posting pics of space shuttles. Deal. Soon they’ll be in their respective museums and you won’t have to see any more of this stuff for a while, at least not until I get out to them and take my own photos…