So Who Actually Won the War?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been following the deepening economic crisis in Europe very closely… I’m dimly aware that Greece is falling apart and threatening to drag the rest of EU down with it, but that’s about all. I don’t really understand the issues involved, and I have no idea what has to be done to fix things… or at least prevent catastrophe. Which means I have no clue if Andrew Sullivan’s prediction today has any validity at all… but I thought it was some interesting food for thought, nonetheless:

My view is that at some point, Germany is going to rescue the euro,
and provide the funds necessary for it. [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel will not let the European
project die on her watch. Her country’s entire postwar identity is
rooted in it. And so a project designed to put a line against any new
wars, after Germany’s serial aggression, will end up making Europe a
German-based, German-run and German-funded country
. [Emphasis mine.]

History has its ironies, does it not? But Britain, alone of the major countries, stands apart. Plus ca change.