Rumors Confirmed

Police have officially released the details of what happened the morning my coworker Julie Jorgenson was killed. It sounds like the rumors I posted the other day were all right on target, with one added tidbit: the dipshit driving the pickup not only had iced-over windows and was going way too fast for the road he was on, but he was also straddling two lanes when he collided with her. Not at all surprisingly, investigators believe he was “under the influence of a drug.” Exactly which drug is still unknown, pending the toxicology report, but I’m putting my money on methamphetamine, judging from this photo. Isn’t he a fine-looking specimen of humanity? I know people always look like hell in mugshots, but I can tell just from looking at this creep that he’s a worthless piece of redneck filth.

The filth’s name is Shane Roy Gillette. He has a previous record relating to various drug charges, so I don’t have much doubt he’ll be doing some serious time for this incident. The tragedy is that he’ll get out in 15 to 20, still relatively young, while Julie will have been dead for decades. Bastard.


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