Man Bites Dog

Given that there’s no escaping politics at the moment (not even on vacation — I saw lots of evidence that Obama is going to own San Francisco), I thought I’d take the political quiz that’s been floating around to see if I am what I think I am. The results are entirely unsurprising:

Social Liberal on political map

You want government out of people’s personal lives, but you appear to desire some continued government control over people’s economic activities. There is no political party that represents your views. The Green Party does run many candidates with similar views, but the overall Green Party platform is much more socialistic than you are. You would need a mix of Democratic, Green, and Libertarian politicians in office to get the balance of freedom and social justice you desire. The ratio between these depends on how high up your dot is on the chart.


Approximately 12% of the takers of this quiz scored in this area, 18% for all liberals outside the centrist circle.

Even though I expected results along these lines, I do think Brian and Ilya are correct when they note that the questions are pretty broad and omit some important issues, not to mention that the available answers didn’t always completely mirror my actual opinions. Still, I’d say this is fairly close… take it and see how you fare!


8 comments on “Man Bites Dog

  1. Ilya Burlak

    By these results, we are not too far apart 🙂

  2. Ben Fuller

    I am apparently a Smaller Government Centrist. My dot is just over the Personal Freedom line and just inside the Centrist circle from you. Ben

  3. jason

    Hey, Ben, welcome aboard!

  4. Steph

    I’m right about where you are….dang I am finding out I really don’t like politics….

  5. jason

    Very few people actually do, Steph. It angries up the blood, as Grandpa Simpson would say.

  6. chenopup

    Conservative Leaning Centrist here…
    Pretty silly answers though.

  7. jason

    Agreed. There were two or three of them where I thought, “well, my ideal or solution would actually be…”
    But I don’t really expect much from online quizzes. This one seems to be fairly accurate, considering…

  8. Brian Greenberg

    You’ve all nailed my thinking better than I did. I found myself wishing the questions were essay instead of multiple choice…