Riverton Ricin Maker is Awake

I just read that Roger Von Bergendorf, the man who is believed to have poisoned himself with the toxic substance ricin in a Vegas hotel room, has regained consciousness. The authorities claim there is no sign of contamination anywhere or any evidence that Von Bergendorf was connected to terrorism, but they also have no idea what he was doing with the stuff; also, they’re still not saying what, if anything, they found in that house they searched in my hometown. I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out what the hell was going on. ..


3 comments on “Riverton Ricin Maker is Awake

  1. Nicole Rasmussen

    I want to comment on a very old subject of old freinds,

  2. Nicole Rasmussen

    Jason I know you’ll rember me and this is a little late on the recognition but I was just searching the web for some dirt and found your Old Friends about our childhood on redwood road and Riverton and since I’m way challenged with the whole computer aspect of life this is the only way I’ve found to respond to you. But I wanted to thankyou for your thoughts and to tell you that shaun would still regard you as a best friend even though fifth grade friends tend to grow apart. This is Nicole by the way now Nicole Rasmussen the shadow who used to follow the boys around to swee what kind of trouble they could get into I now live in the stix as our little town is referd to and have a husband and 3 kids thank you again for your thoughts

  3. jason

    Hi, Nicole! This is really unexpected… I don’t know if you’ll be back to read this, so I’ll reply to you by email as well, but it’s very, very good to hear from you. I’m glad you found my tribute to Shaun. I’ve often wondered if anyone from your family had ever seen it; I hoped you would eventually. His death affected me pretty strongly, and I wanted people to know that he still mattered to me, even after all those years. I still think about him and wonder what happened to him. For what it’s worth, we had our 20-year high school reunion last fall, and I made certain that his passing was mentioned in the video slideshow we had.