Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

Don’t Talk Back to Darth Vader, He’ll Get Ya

Several people have sent me links to the following video, including most recently our Simple Tricks East Coast correspondent, Brian Greenberg, so I suppose I’d better stop procrastinating and get it posted up, as it appears to be the current happening thing here on the InterWebs. It’s somebody’s three-year-old daughter recounting the plot of Star Wars and doing a pretty fine job of it, too. I’m not somebody who finds the antics of three-year-olds particularly cute, so trust me when I say it’s worth your click.

I’m amazed by how articulate she is, even if the video has been obviously edited to condense some of the standard little-kid rambling. She also seems to have a surprisingly cogent grasp of the movie, which her dad (who shot the video) swears in comments over on YouTube is entirely real and uncoached. (I’m especially amused by her comment that “the ‘siney’ one always worries,” which is as concise a summary of Threepio’s character as I’ve ever encountered). Amazingly, she’s seen the movie only once, spread out over several days. Smart kid.

(On a side note — and admitting up front that, as a non-parent, I have no authority to be saying a damn thing about how other people raise their kids — isn’t three a little young for a movie like Star Wars? I was seven when I first saw it, and, as enthralled as I was, I was pretty badly traumatized by the smoking skeletons of Owen and Beru. I wasn’t too sure about that beastie in the garbage masher, either. Maybe I was just a wussy kid.)

Anyway, as long as I’m talking about Star Wars, here are a couple other items of interest: