Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

Experience? Who Needs Experience?

Here’s an interesting bit of food for thought:

Suppose you had to choose between two Presidential candidates, one of whom had spent 20 years in Congress plus had considerable other relevant experience and the other of whom had about half a dozen years in the Illinois state legislature and 2 years in Congress. Which one do you think would make a better President? If you chose #1, congratulations, you picked James Buchanan over Abraham Lincoln.

So much for that campaign tactic…

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Indy IV “Payoff” One-Sheet

As expected, that one-sheet for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that you’ve been seeing around is just the “teaser.” Here’s the regular release design, which the official Indiana Jones web site is calling the “payoff” poster:

Indy IV payoff poster

I’ve never heard that term before, but it seems to fit. In more ways than one. I really like this design. It’s in keeping with the standard pattern for Indiana Jones movies: the first poster depicted just Indy alone, and now this design is a collage featuring all the primary characters with a bit of action at the bottom. It is, in fact, very similar to the regular release design for Last Crusade, which is as it should be. It makes this fourth movie feel like it really is part of the series instead of just an afterthought. (Of course, we’ll see what the actual movie is like, but I think at this point my skepticism has degraded to about the same consistency as cheesecloth. I’m ready Uncle George, take me now!)

Still a couple of months to go, of course, before opening day. In the meantime, I think I’ll get out the old credit card and acquire another item for the Archives…