The New Space Princess Movement

I normally reject the idea of literary manifestos as pretentious ego self-stroking (on the part of whomever writes the manifesto) that treads on my anti-authoritarian “do whatever the hell I like” nature, but here is one I can get behind wholeheartedly, John C. Wright‘s NEW SPACE PRINCESS MOVEMENT:

The literary movement will follow two basic principles: first, science fiction stories should have space-princesses in them who are absurdly good looking. Second, the space princesses must be half-clad (if you are a pessimist. The optimist sees the space princess as half-naked). Third, dinosaurs are also way cool, as are ninjas. Dinosaur ninjas are best of all.


…The second thing to remember: bare midriffs. This is what science fiction is actually all about. Let no one tell you differently.

Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff, baby. Thanks to Scalzi for cluing me onto this.

In a somewhat-related note, I’ve just learned from SF Signal that you can get science fiction and fantasy stories from this site — for FREE! Just in case you really don’t feel like working today…