Small Blogosphere

You know, this whole blogging thing really amazes me sometimes. I’ve got no illusions about the size of my audience here; I’m an absolute small-timer writing only for friends and family, and I’m not entirely kidding when I talk about having only three Loyal Readers. Still, I’ve got a presence out there in the world because of this silly blog, and connections are being made because of it, tiny audience or no.

For example, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a total stranger named Anna Biller . She’s an LA filmmaker who had a movie that was going to be running here in The SLC as part of TromaDance, one of several renegade film festivals that run concurrently with Robert Redford’s big Sundance event. Anna was looking for information about Brewvies, the venue where her film would be playing, and Simple Tricks popped up in her googling because I’ve mentioned the place in a couple of entries. We ended up having quite a nice conversation via e-mail; regretfully, I wasn’t able to take her up on her invitation to meet her in person. But still, a connection was made that never would’ve happened only a few years ago, before this technology and this blogging phenemenon came along.

And then there’s the strange story of Chenopup and Brian Greenberg. You may recall that these two guys, regular commenters here on Simple Tricks, got into a debate over whether a local Salt Lake pizzeria could produce a pie that would be equal to what you find in New York. The Great Simple Tricks Pizza Challenge never did materialize, but Cheno was in New York on business recently, and, well… I’ll let Brian tell tell the rest.

Simple Tricks and Nonsense… it’s both a blog, and a social networking tool! Next up, I’ll be introducing floor-wax functionality, too…


4 comments on “Small Blogosphere

  1. chenopup

    Oh yes. The Simple Tricks Challenge will yet occur. It’s just taking longer than anticipated… gotta pay the bills first.
    Told you we had a visitor? Kelly Ripa actually was with him but I declined a photo op with her. Too annoying.

  2. jason

    I understand… at least it wasn’t Kathie Lee.

  3. Cranky Robert

    I would love to see this thing go forward. I never did try John’s on W. 44th St., but practically lived on Koronet Pizza at 110th and Broadway when I was living there.
    Still, I wonder what the criteria would be for the judges (and how one becomes a judge). The best New York pizza will never satisfy someone who loves Chicago style, and vice-versa. What is the equivalent Salt Lake style?

  4. jason

    Robert, I don’t know that Salt Lake has an indigenous style of pizza, given how difficult it is for Jell-o to survive the cooking process.
    Seriously, we have both Chicago-style and New York-style in these parts, so I guess we have the best of both worlds. I have heard that Hawaiian pizza (i.e., with ham and pineapple for toppings) is disproportionately popular here compared to other places, but that’s entirely anecdotal. Still, it would make sense, given the Utah sweet-tooth…