Daily Archives: February 24, 2007

Who Is Britney Spears, Anyhow?

Speaking of Britney Spears (well, I did mention her yesterday), I’ve been thinking about her head-shaving escapade last weekend and the way the media has reacted to it.

I know, I know… it’s a lame non-story that everyone is sick of, and I imagine at least one of my celebrity-contemptuous Loyal Readers just rolled his eyes and clicked off to some other site. Still, I just keep coming back to the subject in my mind, like a loose tooth that I feel compelled to wiggle with my tongue. The truth is, as ridiculous and messed-up a person as she seems to be, I really do care about what’s happening to her, at least in as much as I care about any human being who’s obviously in a whole world of confusion and hurt. I feel sorry for the girl. And I feel genuinely angry at the way the entertainment “news” media — i.e., all the television tabloid and gossip shows — are exploiting her and that other hapless train wreck of a human being, Anna Nicole Smith, for the sake of sensationalistic headlines and, presumably, higher ratings.