Daily Archives: February 16, 2007

The Paintings of Donald E. Davis

As long as I’m talking about painters whose craft I’ve admired since childhood, I ought to put in a shout-out to Don Davis. His imaginative renderings of what it would look like inside Gerard O’Neill‘s proposed space colonies — essentially giant cylinders that would spin to simulate gravity — seemed to be on every third magazine cover when I was an impressionable kid in the 1970s. Don’s got his own web site, naturally enough, and it turns out that he’s offering a number of those iconic images up to the public domain, for folks to do with as they please. I remember this one (or one very like it) in particular. Go have a look, and see if you remember any of these yourself…

(My thanks to the Paleo-Future blog for mentioning this.)


Peter Ellenshaw

I just learned of the death of a Hollywood great you’ve probably never heard of, but whose contribution to classic cinema cannot be underestimated. Peter Ellenshaw was a special-effects master whose specialty was a now-defunct art called “matte painting.”